“The debate around billionaires is not interesting,” says Laurent Berger in response to Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Par Claire Conruyt Published 2 hours ago, Update 38 minutes ago Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS The leader of the Insoumis affirmed that Bernard Arnault, “first billionaire of the world”, is “in our country, the worst offense”. «We have, in our country, the worst offense: the first billionaire in … Read more

the Nupes wins a seat, the RN loses one

By Le Figaro with AFP Published yesterday at 22:30, Update yesterday at 10:36 p.m. La Nupes won a seat in Charente and the RN lost one to Renaissance in Marne after the second round of three partial legislative elections on Sunday January 29. Thomas SAMSON / AFP Laure Muller (LREM) and René Pilato (Nupes) thus … Read more

Faure and Mayer-Rossignol have reached an agreement

A text, which will be put to the vote at the PS congress in Marseille, confirms the victory of Olivier Faure over Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. The latter will become “first deputy secretary” alongside Johanna Rolland. The socialists had prepared the chimney for white smoke. This Saturday in Marseille, relatives of Olivier Faure and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol explained … Read more

“Africans are not the only victims of Emmanuel Macron’s contempt”, criticizes Marine Le Pen

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP During her trip to Dakar, the leader of the RN felt that the head of state did not respect the sovereignty of Senegal. She left her troops the fight against pension reform and took off this week … Read more

In Senegal, Marine Le Pen was received by President Macky Sall

Par Le Figaro Posted on 01/20/2023 at 1:30 p.m., Update on 01/20/2023 at 15:26 ILLUSTRATION IMAGES – Marine Le Pen and Macky Sall. François BOUCHON-Sébastien SORIANO / LE FIGARO (ILLUSATION IMAGES) According to Pointthe one-hour interview would have been held at the Dakar Palace, and would have focused on “the necessary cooperation” between the two … Read more

Faure and Mayer-Rossignol both claim to have won

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 2 hours ago, Update just now Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol and Olivier Faure. STEFANO RELLANDINI – JOEL SAGET / AFP The camps of the two contenders for the post of first secretary of the Socialist Party, accusing each other of irregularities in the votes, announced Thursday evening appeals and requests for … Read more