Lottery Merchant’s Wife Draw the lottery from the panel, keep it, win the 1st prize, get rich in the blink of an eye, 12 million

Merchant’s Wifelottery Draw a lotteries from the panel, keep it right.1st prize Rich in the blink of an eye, 12 million, reveals a dream that … Read more

One river is full! Release all, incense number, grandfather, guideline number, period 30/12/64

29 Dec 2021, the last day before the prize drawgovernment lotterydaily installment 30 Dec 2021 one river Phirada Thanachotchinda went live on Facebook. Give away … Read more

Hilarious before the lottery The mother pig survived the ordination ceremony. gave birth to an 8-legged pig

Grandma collects pigs from grandson’s ordination ceremony to raise them. Before giving birth to a handicapped 8-legged pig, it is believed to be a lucky … Read more