Farouk Flux criticizes the re-presentation of “My Beautiful Lady” and advises Ahmed El-Sakka

The artist, Farouk Flux, criticized the idea of ​​the artist Ahmed El-Sakka re-presenting the play “My Beautiful Lady”, starring the late Shweikar and Fouad Al-Mohandes, during the Riyadh season, where he will co-star Reem Mustafa. Flux, who participated in the original version of the play, said during remarks carried by “An-Nahar” that the work that … Read more

Watch… a shocking response from the “Madam” program announcer regarding her expectations for Al-Akhdar’s match with Argentina

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Audi Al-Zaben”, the presenter of the “My Lady” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, asked her colleague, “Roaa Rayan”, about her expectations for the Saudi match against Argentina in the 2022 World Cup, and the latter’s response was shocking. Where “Ryan” said: “I am always with Saudi Arabia, but when Argentina plays, … Read more