Magaly Medina was hospitalized in an emergency: “The doctor found some problems” | Magaly TV, the firm | Videos | entertainment

The host Magaly Medina was absent from his live show last July 7 and caused great concern among his viewers. The famous ATV figure announced through social networks that she was hospitalized at the request of her doctor because he found some problems with his health. The message was broadcast a few minutes before the … Read more

Magaly Solier | Why does Magaly Solier refuse to give alimony to the father of her children? | Magaly TV | Ayacucho | Videos | entertainment

Strong declarations. The actress Magaly Solier He appeared on the program “Magaly TV, the firm” about the terrible moments he lived during her marriage to Erick Plinio Mendozafather of her two children. In addition, he pointed out that he will not comply with the alimony imposed by a judge, assuring that his ex-partner still owes … Read more

Aldo Miyashiro opens his heart: he talks about Érika Villalobos, the theater and why he returned to TV | The neighbors upstairs | Fiorella Retiz | INTERVIEW | LIGHTS

As he seeks to make amends for his mistakes after a proven infidelity, Aldo Miyashiro gets involved in “The neighbors from above”, a new adventure on the stage that excites him, but at the same time frightens him, since it is a staging that -for the first time- after the ampay will confront him with … Read more

Aldo Olcese is surprised live with an affectionate message from Malú Costa: My baby fiu fiu | Ampay Magaly TV | SPORTS

The presence of Aldo Olcese As a guest panelist on the web program ‘A Prensa Radio’, he has caused a stir among fans of the show hosted by Peter Arévalo, not only because he has been paired with his ‘twin’ Marko Ciurlizzabut also because it has given them the opportunity to do flat at the … Read more

Alfredo Zambrano husband of Magaly Medina appears LIVE on television set

Magaly medina and Alfredo Zambrano Although their marriage of almost 5 years was called into question in recent weeks, the couple has shown solid is their marriage after the explosive statements of Giuliana Rengifo. This time the notary was caught LIVE during the ‘Urraca’ program and she was more than excited. In the last broadcast … Read more

Antonio Cartagena: Magaly reveals that one of the singer’s daughters is not his after DNA test | Shows

The program of Magaly medina decided to make a DNA test on the daughters of Vanessa Tenorio and Roxana Valiente to know if there is a relationship with Antonio Cartagena. However, the driver was shocked to read the results live, on Tuesday, November 2, after a recognized laboratory gave her the envelope with the conclusions … Read more