“The Amazing Transformation of Mai Kassab: Inside Jaafar El-Omda’s Harrowing Scenes”

2023-05-17 21:07:00 Ali Al-Kashouti wrote Thursday, May 18, 2023 12:07 AM drew Mai Kassab All eyes are on her, after she lost a lot of weight, as May Kassab appeared in more than one photo after she lost weight and turned into a slender figure on several occasions. And this comes after she succeeded in … Read more

“The Making of Jaafar El-Omda: Behind the scenes with Mohamed Ramadan and Mai Kassab”

2023-05-11 18:30:00 Written by Fouad Thursday, May 11, 2023 09:30 PM The artist recounted Mai Kassab The most difficult scenes of the series “Jaafar El-Omda”, which she presented during the last Ramadan in front of the star Mohamed Ramadan, and she said: “The slipper scene in the ninth episode, when I hit Karem, after I … Read more

Mai Kassab on a trip to Luxor.. After the success of Soraya’s role in the Jaafar El-Omda series.. Pictures

2023-04-27 08:40:00 Luxor – Ahmed Marei Thursday, April 27, 2023 10:40 AM Luxor Governorate witnessed, over the past 48 hours, the artist’s visit Mai Kassab Accompanied by her family, to enjoy the charm of the ancient Egyptian civilization, where she visited a number of tourist attractions in the governorate, and took memorial photos in the … Read more

Mai Kassab after showing episode 5 of the Jaafar El-Omda series: The world has become lighter, and my phone has become central

The fifth episode of the Jaafar El-Omda series, starring the artist Mohamed Ramadan, which is shown on the DMC channel, saw the question of the artist, Essam El-Sakka, “Naeem”, to Mohamed Ramadan, “Jaafar”: “Your son is alive or dead to answer him:” You all ask this question, and Thuraya asked him, and I answered that … Read more

Jaafar El-Omda series, episode 5.. Muhammad Ramadan slapping Ahmed Dash

Written by Mustafa Al-Qasabi Monday, March 27, 2023 10:22 PM A scene took place between the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and Ahmed Dash, during the fifth episode of Jaafar Al-Omda seriesThe first slapped Dash in the face after he offered him 20,000 pounds in exchange for clearing papers for him at customs, and Ramadan received the … Read more