“Maradona Social Media Hacking Scandal and the Fight for Truth”

2023-05-24 11:58:34 Maradona is a wound, without beginning Persistent A wound that won’t heal… Now some hackers have come up with a program to rub chili on that wound. The cruel pastime of these people is to hack Diego Maradona’s social media accounts and send the message “The news of my death was fake” from … Read more

When I fell, the doctor who treated Cristiano brought me to me.. They treated me as Maradona! • Observatory Newspaper

2023-05-06 13:08:27 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The star, Sherine Abdel Wahab, revealed the latest developments in the injury she suffered, after she fell while performing a concert in Dubai a few days ago. Sherine said, during her interview with Amr Adib, the journalist, on the “Al-Hekaya” program: “The doctor who treats Cristiano Ronaldo brought me a physical … Read more

“Napoli by Luciano Spalletti: The Most Exciting Team in Europe with a Visionary Strategy”

2023-04-30 23:41:00 Not counting Guardiola’s Manchester City -the club that best understands football in the world and which, for that very reason, has to date the opportunity to achieve a historic treble (Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League)-, the team most exciting in Europe is the Naples by Luciano Spalletti. OPINION: Tiago Nunes: a … Read more

“Healthcare Workers to Stand Trial for Diego Maradona’s Death: Negligent Homicide Charge”

2023-04-20 03:13:53 Al-Marsad newspaper: Argentine media reported that eight healthcare workers will go to trial after being accused of causing the death of Diego Maradona with the crime of “negligent homicide”. Brain surgery The football legend, who led Argentina to win the World Cup for the second time in 1986, died at the age of … Read more

The “Scudetto” fever is rising in Naples: “We have been waiting for it for a long time!”

Naples (AFP) “Napoli is the champion of Italy”… a phrase that is frequently repeated in the bustling Spanish neighborhood, near a giant mural of Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona, as well as in front of the stadium that bears his name, as the dream of the “Scudetto” grows in Naples between a belief in … Read more