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Women’s Day 2023: citizens march in the streets and squares on March 8. Photo: John Reyes 12:42 Rafael López Aliaga hands over recognition to prosecutor of the Nation Rafael López Aliaga, mayor of Lima, handed over recognition to prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavideson International Women’s Day. 07:49 Women’s Day 2023: Dina Boluarte gave a … Read more

They identify police officers and an ex-soldier assailants of protesters | Politics

Non-commissioned officers of the PNP treat demonstrators against the government of Dina Bolularte as “terrorists”, responding to the orders of their superiors, which generates arbitrary arrests and discriminatory mistreatment of the detainees. “It was fulfilled! Stop all these terrorists!” a police officer recorded himself during the incursion into the University City of the National University … Read more

Dina Boluarte: from the radical left to collusion with the right and the Armed Forces | protests | Marches in Peru | Army | Pedro Castillo | Present

Gone was the iron defense of the then Vice President and Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, to the former president Pedro Castillo and to the social claim that he represented, when he said in December 2021 that he would resign if he was vacated. And it is that the drastic political turn … Read more

Protests in Peru | Aymaras arrive today in Puno determined against Dina Boluarte | Puno | Juliaca | Marches in Peru | Present

protests. In Boluarte continues to be questioned by social groups in the interior of the country. Now, the immense aimara population, settled in the south of Puno, announced that this Monday, January 9, it will arrive in the city of Punocapital of the region, for demand the resignation of the president and in solidarity with … Read more

Protests in Peru LIVE: latest news on the indefinite strike today, curfew, state of emergency, how many deaths there are and last minute | Lime | Arequipa | Protests in Ayacucho | LIVE | Dina Boluarte | Closing of the Congress | minute by minute | Society

Protests Peru 2022 Last minute | Las demonstrations in Peru for him early elections y closing of the Congress they do not cease in their ninth day. Until today, December 17the Ombudsman reported 19 deaths during clashes in apurimac, Arequipa, La Libertad, Junin y ayacucho between civilians and members of the National Police y Armed … Read more