Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s Criticism of Maluma and Mazatlan FC’s Fine: A Hot Topic on Social Media

2023-05-09 03:00:51 ¡Ricardo Salinas Pliego stay on social media! The owner of the Mazatlan FC now criticized in Twitter a Malumaafter the ‘complaints’ of the Colombian due to the popularity of corridos, which have been a trend in recent weeks in Mexico and in all the World: “Imagine how screwed we are for Maluma to … Read more

“Checo Pérez’s Dissatisfaction with Tires at Miami GP: Insights and Upcoming Formula 1 Races”

2023-05-07 21:45:00 The tires did not respond to Czech Pérez! He Mexican made clear his dissatisfaction with his performance in the Miami GP, which culminated in second place. However, he acknowledged that his teammate in Red Bull was fair winner: “I gave it my all, the first stint was a bit poor, we had graining … Read more

“Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder: The Upcoming Fight, Highlights and Predictions”

2023-05-06 02:18:00 ¡John Ryder became famous for a brutal KO in 2017! The next opponent of Canelo Alvarez rose to fame after knocking out Patrick Nielsen in London, England. At this, the mexican boxer should not trust the night of this Saturday in the Akron Stadium. that time in 2017 he British boxer He surprised … Read more

All for a Tweet! Valladolid unconsciously evidenced the infidelity of its captain – Fox Sports

Sergio de la Fuentecaptain of the Valladolid de Basketballwas discovered with a infidelity. The curious thing about this case is that it was his own team who revealed the player’s sin. This was thanks to a tweet which was deleted almost immediately in social networks. “¡Welcome to the world, Charlotte.! and congratulations to Laura y … Read more

He tore them to pieces! Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino threw everything at Diego Lainez and Santiago Muñoz (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Gerard Martino opined on Diego Laínez y Santiago Muñozpromises that went to european football and recently returned to Mexico. He former Tricolor coachcompared them with Edson Alvarez y Cesar Montesconsolidated and sustainable players, from their point of view: “You have to understand why. Diego Laínez come back with 22 years. Santiago Muñoz con 20 years. … Read more

Tuca Ferretti “exploded” with a photographer, after a Cruz Azul conference (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Ricardo Ferretti ‘exploded’ against a photographerafter his press conference with Blue Cross. As the Machine strategist was about to leave the room, a photographer was trying to capture an image of the Technical director. However, the journalist collided with a door, for which “Tuca” reacted: “Wow wey, you see?!”: he said Ricardo Ferretti jokingly, with … Read more