George Wassouf to his son Wadih: I said I will pay half of my life, but I will live with you for a while

The Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, presented the special song that he dedicated to his son Wadih, in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of his death. And the song, which Al-Wasouf put out on his YouTube channel, dreamed of the name “Hass Al-Omri,” and the beginning of it says: “I said I pay half my … Read more

George Wassouf expresses his sorrows after the death of his son in a new song

The artist’s keenness George wasouf For giving thanks and gratitude to everyone who comforted him during the past period in the death of his son Wadih, indicating that he will prepare a special song for his son given that the song is the truest expression of his pain, according to the statement issued by him. … Read more

Information about Alosuf revealed for the first time

History 1/16/2023 7:32:59 PM (MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) Beirut – Pauline FadelThere is no truth to what is reported about a decision made by the artist George Wassouf to retire after losing his eldest son, Wadih, and all the news that is published is nothing but guesses from the imagination, noting that a statement is supposed to … Read more

The absence of Syrian stars from the funeral of Wadih George Wassouf in Kafroun causes confusion, and the union clarifies

The absence of the Syrian stars from the funeral of Wadih Ibn Sultan al-Tarab, George Wassouf, which was held in his hometown in the town of Kafroun yesterday, caused great confusion among the followers who asked about the reason. To clarify the matter, the head of the Damascus branch of the Artists Syndicate, Tamader Ghanem, … Read more

What did Bashar al-Assad ask for the funeral of Wadih George Wassouf in Syria?

The “MTV” channel reported that the Syrian town of Kafroun will witness a massive public reception for the body of the late Wadih Wassouf, the son of “Sultan of Tarab” George Wassouf. According to the channel, the funeral procession departed from Ashrafieh towards Syria, noting that the reception ceremony there, which will take place at … Read more

After the death of Wadih George Wassouf as a result of health complications… This is what we need to know about stomach reduction surgery

The news of the death of Wadih Wassouf, the son of the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, raised a great uproar and shock, and raised many questions about the risks of this surgery and the complications that might result from it, after Wadih’s death brought this surgery back to the fore, is it really dangerous? … Read more