Refurbishment of N58 and Famous ‘Bean’ Roundabout: Enhancing Safety or Increasing Danger?

2023-09-30 08:00:00 Serious accidents, reduction in the authorized speed, reduction in the number of traffic lanes and finally significant works: the section of the N58 located at the exit of Mouscron, direction Menin – which includes the famous “bean” roundabout – has a lot has been talked about in recent months. This week, the said … Read more

Unearthing Hidden Treasures: The Ultimate Guide to Lille’s September Clearance Sale

2023-09-03 15:46:13 It’s a must for the 1st weekend of September and the Lille clearance sale better watch out. The old things in the attic are out and the first visitors appeared at 5 a.m. ready to walk the street. “You have to get up early if you want to do good business and find … Read more

Vacation Ruined: Amandine’s Experience after Filling Up at Station Gabriëls, Rue de Menin in Mouscron

2023-07-17 15:00:00 This month of July is synonymous with going on vacation for many Belgian families. This is the case of Amandine Soete who had planned to hit the road last Friday: “With my partner and my two daughters, we chose to go to the south-east of Spain this summer, in the region of Calp … Read more

Train Traffic Resumes After Close Call with Car on Tracks: The Latest Updates and Videos

2023-07-16 20:57:19 Train traffic resumed between Kortrijk and Menin shortly after 8:30 p.m., Infrabel announced this Sunday evening. It had been interrupted a few hours earlier following an incident at a level crossing near Ménin. The contact was, fortunately, very light. – Facebook A car had come to rest on the tracks as a train … Read more

Train Accident in Belgium: Evacuation, Traffic Disruptions and Updates

2023-06-10 11:48:23 A hundred passengers had to be evacuated from the train and local traffic is interrupted, informs Infrabel. A train traveling from Poperinge towards Antwerp Central hit a person near the tracks around 11:45 a.m. Around 100 passengers on the train were evacuated and given water and biscuits. The incident caused major traffic disruptions … Read more