Formaldehyde load reduction operation in many places in China is expected to be weak and volatile | Methanol_Sina

Source: Dayue Futures Author: Dayue Futures Research report text 【Methanol2305】 1. Fundamentals: Last week, the domestic methanol market performed poorly, and both the mainland and port markets declined to varying degrees; near the end of the year, the demand for upstream shipments remained, and orders from major production areas continued to decline during the weekend, … Read more

Fundamentals still have no obvious drive to narrow the methanol spot market | Methanol_Sina

Reposted from: Futures Daily Judging from the situation this week, the spot price of methanol in Taicang fluctuated in the range of 2600-2635 yuan/ton, while last week it fluctuated in the range of 2640-2680 yuan/ton, and the market adjusted slightly. The supply increased, the marginal change in demand was limited, and the gap between supply … Read more

Methanol may maintain a wide range of volatility before the holiday with a slight drop in demand | Methanol_Sina

Source: Huachuang Futures Author: Huachuang Futures Research report text 【Methanol】 Logic: On Tuesday, the main methanol futures contract MA2305 closed at 2,549 yuan/ton, a decrease of 49 yuan/ton, or 1.89%, from the settlement price of the previous trading day. In terms of spot goods, the mainstream quotation of national standard methanol in Taicang market is … Read more

Demand has not yet recovered significantly, and the trend of methanol is expected to remain volatile | Methanol_Sina

Source: Western Futures Author: Western Futures Research report text 【Market performance】 yesterdayMethanolThe 2305 contract closed at 2571 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.72%; the Taicang basis closed at 59 points, an increase of 30 points from the previous value. 【Summary】 In the past two weeks, under the background of sluggish downstream demand, the spot price of … Read more

Methanol valuation will usher in repair | Methanol_Sina

Source: Futures Daily   At present, the fundamentals of supply and demand are intertwined.MethanolThe driving force for the rise is obviously insufficient. However, from a macro perspective, with the further optimization of domestic epidemic prevention and control measures and the promotion of positive expectations, there is a high probability that methanol will recover its valuation upwards. … Read more