Get the Latest Updates on Honkai Impact: Star Rail for PS5

2023-09-15 09:11:00 ▲ “Honkai Impact: Star Rail” will be released soon on PS5. (Picture/Reproduced from PSN) Reporter Lou Yunling/Comprehensive Report Earlier, in a PS program, MiHoYo’s new game “Honkai: Star Rail” will be launched on the PS5 platform on October 11. Players discovered the PS version. The course fee price is actually slightly more expensive … Read more

Genshin Impact reveals the news of its update 3.8: Characters, new zone and more

2023-06-23 16:56:00 Genshin Impact update 3.8 is about to arrive, so in addition to new free Protogem codes HoYoverse has also shared information and details about what we can expect from this free expansion: new characters, mechanics, skins, events… Everything this available from July 5, which is when the new update will arrive on PS5, … Read more

Genshin Impact raises BRL 15 billion in 2022 alone

Genshin Impact generated US$3 billion in revenue in 2022, equivalent to R$15.6 billion. This revenue only comes from mobiles through in-game purchases. HoYoverse’s open-world RPG has enjoyed great popularity worldwide and has been a hit on all platforms it’s on (PS4, PS5, PC, Android and iOS). The title was released in 2020 and has beautiful … Read more

MiHoYo “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” announces the final round of closed beta testing, bringing new stories, characters and gameplay | T Kebang

The galaxy adventure role-playing game “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” represented by NIJIGEN announced that it will start the final round of closed testing on PC, iOS and Android platforms on February 10, 2023. This testing will include new stories, characters and The gameplay leads players to start an epic interstellar adventure. The global interactive entertainment brand … Read more

Star Rail’s Final Closed Beta Begins Worldwide

Honkai: Star Rail performancegameThe newest series from the creators of HoYoVerse.gameThe popular Genshin Impact is open to all players around the world including Thailand. Participated in registering for a test playgameThe last time in the Final Closed Beta Test before thegameIt will open for service by 2023. After a short break, the Astral Express is … Read more

Nice place to go!! Tokyo Game Show 2022 includes photos of the atmosphere inside the event. with direct sales of game companies

Saturday, September 17, 2022, 3 o’clock 16 minutes 13 seconds, Indochina time Even though it’s almost the last day for the event TGS 2022 or Tokyo Game Show 2022 Which is one of the games that are quite big, not losing a big event like E3 It will be an event that will give gamers … Read more