Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces solidarity with Ukraine Breaking silence = sources | Reuters

Participants said that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured) criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “barbaric war” and expressed solidarity with Ukraine at an … Read more

Two Scandinavian countries join NATO, Turkish president keeps opposition | Reuters

On May 29, Turkey’s President Erdogan reiterated his opposition, stating that the talks held with the two countries on Finland and Sweden’s NATO application were … Read more

Russia launches next-generation laser weapons in Ukraine = Deputy Prime Minister Borisov | Reuters

On May 18, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Borisov (in charge of military development) revealed that Russian troops are using next-generation laser weapons in combat in … Read more

US President Signs $ 150 Million Additional Military Assistance to Ukraine | Reuters

On May 6, US President Joe Biden (pictured) signed an additional $ 150 million in military assistance to Ukraine. Taken in March at the White … Read more

President of Russia “Preparing a Humanitarian Corridor in Mariupol”, Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to prepare to set up a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol, a port city in southeastern Ukraine, to evacuate civilians from … Read more

Russia missiles attack on Ukrainian capital, UN Secretary-General is visiting | Reuters

According to Ukrainian officials, Russia launched two missiles at the capital city of Kyiv, which is being visited by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, on the … Read more

Mariupol Ironworks to stop combat due to evacuation of civilians = Ministry of Defense | Reuters

On April 25, the Russian Defense Ministry said it would stop fighting at 2:00 pm Moscow time (8 pm Japan time) to evacuate civilians from … Read more

Focus: Taiwan watches Ukrainian war, studies emergency tactics against China | Reuters

[Taipei 9th Reuters]-Taiwanese military strategists are studying tactics in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the realization of the threat of armed occupation … Read more

Ceasefire violations increase in Ukraine, NATO Secretary-General expresses concern | Reuters

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concern over the growing movement to violate the ceasefire agreement in Ukraine. Taken in Brussels on the 17th (2022 … Read more

Russian Navy to large-scale military exercises to mobilize all ships in the Pacific Ocean, etc. | Reuters

On January 20, Russia announced that its Navy would conduct a large-scale military exercise from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean this month and … Read more