8 Free DLC Regional Map Expansion Packs for Cities: Skylines II – Explore China, Europe, and More!

2023-10-30 03:46:55 Mayors who love Cities: Skylines II will soon have new content to play. Publisher Paradox Interactive recently announced that it will launch 8 free DLC regional map expansion packs. According to the official video, the new 8 map DLCs will include China, Eastern Europe, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, the East Coast … Read more

“Cities: Skylines II” Release Date, Features, and Performance: What You Need to Know

2023-10-17 07:18:13 “Cities: Skylines II” will be released in late October. Publisher Paradox Interactive brought up some noteworthy topics before the game is released. First, the game itself will not support Steam Workshop. On the other hand, the game itself will not support Steam Workshop. The development team is taking precautions against the future performance … Read more

Unlocking Minsala in Baldur’s Gate ACT 3: A Guide to Joining the Team and Overcoming Game Bugs

2023-09-21 07:00:16 Actual test date: 2023-September Preface When I had already played Baldur’s Gate ACT 3, I saw that Minsala could join the team, so I cut off the hand marks and practiced again. However, I found that most of the methods were completed by using bugs in the own game or modifiers/MODs before the … Read more

Discover the Story Behind Left 4 Dead 2’s Beloved Baby Crocodile, Fred

2023-09-13 04:13:52 As Valve celebrates the 20th anniversary of Steam, the most beloved zombie shooting game “Left 4 Dead 2” by players around the world has also recently received a wave of small updates after 14 years of its release. Although it is routine. Sexual maintenance, but the Vavle team gave L4D2 fans a piece … Read more

Upcoming MOD Tool for Star Sky in 2024: Bethesda’s Long-Term Content Update Plan, Free DLC, and More

2023-09-10 01:38:26 Although it’s still not the Bethesda game with the highest online peaks on Steam. “Fallout 4” eight years ago had the highest number, with a peak online number of 472,000. However, this is because a considerable 70% of players will play through the Microsoft Mall and Game Pass subscription service. Bethesda plans to … Read more

Boost Your Gameplay with DLSS 3 Mod for Bethesda’s Starfield

2023-09-06 03:47:32 Bethesda’s latest masterpiece “Starfield” (Starfield) still needs to be strengthened in terms of image quality adjustment function, only AMD FSR that provides automatic mode. Putting the non-existing NVIDIA DLSS 2 into it, now even the interpolation frame technology of DLSS 3 can be realized! LukeFZ, which can replace the FSR 2 module with … Read more