Is Lee Jae-myeong inevitably the only option?

There is a brewing controversy over the statements made by opposition politicians during their meeting with former President Moon Jae-in. Former National Intelligence Service (NIS) director Park Ji-won stated that former President Moon claimed “there is no alternative other than representative Lee Jae-myung,” and this comment sparked a truth battle. Reporter Kim Gun-hwi covered the … Read more

Democratic Party accuses Joo Ho-young of allegedly invading North Korean drones during the Moon Jae-in administration

Rep. Shin Won-sik of People’s Power, claiming ‘North Korea’s internalization theory’, filed a complaint with the National Assembly’s Ethics Committee enlarge photo Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun speaks at the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 9th. Senior Reporter Minkyu Park On the 9th, the Democratic Party … Read more

Defense Minister reports to the President after 1 hour and 47 minutes of North Korean drone detection…

enlarge photo Kim Young-bae, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, attends a general meeting of the National Assembly Defense Committee on the afternoon of the 28th and asks Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop with data on the identification route of enemy UAVs. Reporter Kim Chang-gil The ruling and opposition parties held a plenary meeting … Read more

Former President Moon Jae-in “It’s a pity that assets like Seo Hoon are broken…”

Suh Hoon, former head of the National Security Office at the Blue House, attends an interrogation (warrant review) of a suspect before arrest held at the Seoul Central District Court on the 2nd. Reporter Junheon Lee On the 4th, former President Moon Jae-in, former head of the Blue House National Security Office, Suh Hoon, was … Read more

[속보]Kim Yeo-jeong “Idiots of Yoon Seok-yeol … Seoul was not a target in Moon Jae-in’s time”

North Korean Chosun Central TV reported the next day that Kim Yeo-jeong, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and vice minister of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a public speech as a debater at the National Emergency Prevention Conference on August 10. yunhap news On the 24th, Kim Yeo-jeong, vice minister … Read more

‘Insulting former president Moon and his wife’ YouTuber Ahn Jung-won “unfair restraint” … bail application

Youtuber Ahn Jung-kwon [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공] Ahn Jung-kwon, a conservative YouTuber who is currently on trial on charges of insulting former President Moon Jae-in and his wife, has applied for bail. Ahn’s lawyer, who was arrested and indicted on charges of insulting and violating the Public Official Election Act, argued at the first trial held … Read more