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20 minutes – woman dies in hospital, police arrest man

An ambulance team was called to an apartment in Hombrechtikon ZH on Tuesday evening for an emergency. The paramedics at the Männedorf hospital, who were … Read more

20 minutes – 7-year-old run over by dung carts on farm

At 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, a 41-year-old farmer wanted to drive a manure crane away on his farm with a motor cart. When maneuvering, … Read more

20 minutes – teams threaten lawsuit after engine dispute

Shortly before the start of the season, a dispute rages in Formula One. In a joint letter, seven teams, including industry leader and series world … Read more

20 minutes – that’s what Prosieben says about the fake allegations

On Tuesday, the disclosure channel “Joko and Klaas: How they fake their videos” was published on the YouTube channel STRG_F – operated by the public … Read more

20 minutes – everything fake at Joko and Klaas?

Joko Winterscheidt (41) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (36) are geniuses in their field, that is undisputed. The German TV makers have been creating stories in their … Read more

20 minutes – Apple pays iPhone users $ 25 each

The lawsuit over throttled iPhones seems to be slowly coming to an end. Apple is willing to pay up to $ 500 million (the equivalent … Read more

20 minutes – “Masks are stolen within 5 minutes”

Hospitals are increasingly used as a free mask delivery point. “Indeed, the use of protective masks has been higher than expected in the past few … Read more

20 minutes – Meghan absolutely wants to play a Marvel heroine

Exactly when Meghan (38) lands in the UK is not revealed for security reasons. However, according to the “Daily Mail” earlier this week she should … Read more

20 minutes – Italo rapper hits a hit with Corona song

Behind the stage name Bello Figo is the Italian Paul Yeboah from Ghana. The 27-year-old is quite successful in the cyber world with a total … Read more

20 minutes – He wanted woman for himself, so the other had to die

F. S. * wanted to kill 36-year-old A.V. * on September 9, 2015 with nine pistol bullets, it says in the indictment. The victim was … Read more