Moderna starts tests with mRNA vaccine against influenza

The vaccine mRNA-1010 is the company’s first seasonal flu vaccine candidate to be tested in a clinical trial, according to Moderna. The first test person received the first dose, and around 180 healthy adults are being recruited for further tests. The company has other flu mRNA vaccines in the pipeline. “Moderna’s vision is to develop … Read more

Cross vaccination protects effectively

news Combination of vaccines from AstraZeneca and Biontech / Pfizer particularly good by Stefan Zorn (19.07.2021) The Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) advocates a second vaccination with an mRNA vaccine such as that from Biontech / Pfizer for people who have already received an AstraZeneca vaccination – based on risk-benefit considerations. This recommendation is based on … Read more

WHO reiterates mRNA vaccine ‘benefits’ outweigh risks even found a link ‘Heart inflammation’

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed yesterday (July 9) that the vaccine prevents the spread of COVID-19. Using mRNA technology, the benefits outweigh the risks. Although the results of the study indicate A ‘possible relationship’ with a very rare myocardial infarction. The WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) says some mRNA vaccinations have … Read more

Germany advises people to inject ‘AstraZeneca’ should have 2 needles with mRNA vaccine to boost immunity

German authorities advise people who get their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. A second dose of mRNA vaccine should be given to help boost immunity. The German Vaccine Commission (STIKO) issued a recommendation on Thursday (July 1) that people vaccinated with AstraZeneca first dose. “A second dose of mRNA vaccination should be chosen regardless of … Read more

Have heart problems with Pfizer and Modena vaccines?Beware of 3 symptoms | mRNA vaccine | side effects | pericarditis

(Published time: 6/18/21 Update time: 6/24/21) Yesterday (23rd), the US CDC indicated that the inoculationmRNA vaccine——After Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine, appearedMyocarditis、PericarditisThe incident is likely to be related to the vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it will add this warning to Pfizer and Modena vaccine labeling. CDC recommends that there are 2 … Read more