“BLG vs T1: Dark Horse BLG Secures Spot in League of Legends MSI Final Against JDG”

2023-05-20 15:31:29 “League of Legends” MSI has come to the final stage. Today (5/20) in the losing championship match, T1 faced BLG. T1 lost two consecutive games under the huge pressure on their shoulders. BLG won the final ticket 3:1, and the two LPL teams will compete for the final championship tomorrow night. dark horse … Read more

“BLG Makes History: Upset Victory Against GEN in League of Legends MSI Mid-Season Game”

2023-05-20 05:54:44 “League of Legends” MSI mid-season game was a big upset in the battle between GEN and BLG yesterday (5/19). It was generally expected that the first seed of the LCK, GEN, would be able to easily defeat BLG. Unexpectedly, BLG had the advantage in most of the three games , and finally won … Read more

“MSI Mid-Season Invitational: T1 vs JDG Analysis and Recap”

2023-05-19 07:35:49 “League of Legends” MSI mid-season match yesterday (5/18) staged the battle between T1 and JD Gaming (JDG). , In the end, with the support of many audiences, JDG advanced to the finals 3:2, while T1 fell into the defeat. back and forth In the first round, knight was in excellent condition, killing the … Read more

“MSI Mid-Season Tournament: BLG Defeats G2 and Gen.G Dominates C9 – China and Korea Dominate the Field”

2023-05-18 05:45:37 “League of Legends” MSI Mid-Season Tournament’s loser schedule went to the second round yesterday (5/18). Bilibili Gaming (BLG) defeated G2 Esports (G2) 3:1, and Gen.G (GEN) went straight to the second round. Lost three swept Cloud9 (C9), the Chinese and Korean teams showed strong suppression and sent the European and American teams off … Read more