Expensive shock: which ice cream flavors the ice cream parlors are now canceling *** BILDplus content *** – News Germany

My Lecko! | Now the ice is getting scarce Photo: Karina Palzer Article von: Jonathan Anda, Doreen Beilke, Sabine Klier, Janes Koenau, Eva-Marie Mihai, Nico Noelken and Hannah Zylka published on 06/27/2022 – 11:26 p.m Do they have one on the waffle? Lecko mio, the ball is expensive! The shock of prices doesn’t leave ice … Read more

G7 meeting: Why Biden’s helicopter was not allowed to fly to Elmau – Politics

On Saturday evening, Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s main street was completely closed for more than 100 minutes. No getting through. Not even for emergency services. Residents were even forbidden to cross the street. Until the hundreds of meters long convoy of US President Joe Biden (79) passed. BILD found out: After his arrival with “Air Force One” at … Read more

Experts and politicians demand – Back to nuclear power! *** BILDplus content *** – Domestic politics

Experts and politicians are demanding | Back to nuclear power! Electricity 2022 more expensive than ever Photo: Norbert Försterling/dpa Article von: Johannes C. Bockenheimer published on 06/07/2022 – 08:56 am The nuclear power debate is back – eleven years after the Chancellor announced the end of nuclear power! Exploding electricity prices are forcing Germany to … Read more

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Separation at Neuer-Ex: Nina breaks up with show jumpers *** BILDplus content *** – people

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FC Bayern Munich: Leroy Sané buys 7.6 million villa in Hollywood *** BILDplus content *** – Bundesliga

A week after the Champions League exit | Sané buys 7.6 million villa in Hollywood Photo: ddp / Planet Photos, Sven Hoppe / dpa Article von: HEIKO NIEDDERER, DENNIS BROSDA AND LENA WURZENBERGER published on 05/03/2022 – 11:59 p.m “FC Hollywood” lives up to its nickname! And this time literally… While most Bayern stars buy … Read more