Myriam Abel, unrecognizable 18 years after the “New Star”, shocked internet users (photo)

The singer has changed a lot since her passage in the “New Star” in 2005. M6 In the comments of an interview posted on the Facebook page of the magazine Here, we can read: “I am shocked, unrecognizable, what a pity”, “We do not recognize her, she was much prettier before”, “Oh, the cosmetic surgery … Read more

The first response from Fares Karam to the news of his summons after the lawsuit of Myriam Fares

The Lebanese artist, Fares Karam, ignored the news of his summons after the lawsuit filed against him by the Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, for the crime of slander and slander after he offended her in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account. In the details, the Lebanese journalist Rola Nasr published on his Twitter … Read more

The legal lawsuits between Myriam Fares and Fares Karam are moving, and the next week is crucial

The dispute between the Lebanese artists, Myriam Fares and Fares Karam, is still the focus of attention for news sites, days after it, especially after some of them threatened to resort to the judiciary. Some websites circulated today information that Myriam Fares’ lawyer has already started his legal procedures against Fares Karam, who is expected … Read more

Fares Karam continues his attack on Myriam Fares: With no refinement, I am the son of a street

The dispute between the Lebanese artist Fares Karam and his colleague, Myriam Fares, continues to escalate daily. In this context, Fares Karam continued his attack on Myriam Fares, during his appearance on a live broadcast with the journalist Elie Bassil. Fares said during the interview that the reason he continued the attack was Miriam’s provocation, … Read more

“Let you be an example to every male who assaults the honor of a woman” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Disagreements flared up between the Lebanese singer Myriam Fares and singer Fares Karam, to the point of exchanging offensive words and offensive posts on social networking sites. The details of the crisis between Myriam Fares and Fares Karam, due to a joint concert poster for them, within the activities of the Jeddah season, … Read more