SPÖ-Laimer: Make the militia ready for action, instead of building an alibi militia

2023-09-26 12:02:08 Militia is the backbone of the Austrian armed forces Vienna (OTS/SK) – SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer shakes his head about the defense minister’s latest alibi action, which was reported today. Instead of working on an operational militia, a new mini-force should be created. “This alibi militia has exactly one purpose: it is … Read more

SPÖ-Laimer: Brigadier Gruber confirms that we have too few personnel in the army

2023-09-19 13:09:06 A shortage of personnel in the army leaves equipment sitting unused in the garage Vienna (OTS/SK) – Today Brigadier Gruber once again confirmed what SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer has been criticizing for months. A lack of personnel in the armed forces to service the Defense Minister’s enormous procurements. “The material growth in … Read more

Explore the National Defense Education Exhibition Room at Shijiazhuang Liberation Memorial Hall

2023-09-16 22:50:25 2023-09-17 06:50:25 Source: Shijiazhuang News Network September 16 is the 23rd “National Defense Education Day” nationwide. In order to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, popularize national defense knowledge, and improve national defense concepts, the National Defense Education Exhibition Room located in the Shijiazhuang Liberation Memorial Hall, built with the support of the … Read more

FPÖ – Reifenberger: Embassy guarding by the armed forces must finally be stopped | Freedom Parliamentary Club

2023-09-16 06:26:37 Freedom’s defense spokesman calls for the long-announced end to this misappropriation of the armed forces Vienna (OTS) – “The misappropriation of the Austrian Armed Forces must finally come to an end. The Ministry of the Interior must not transfer its own tasks to our army, even if these are unpleasant,” commented the NABg. … Read more