Al-Marsad Sports: Al-Ittifaq Club’s VAR Room Recordings Request Update & Controversy Unveiled

2023-11-05 22:20:28 Al-Marsad Sports: Journalist Walid Al-Farraj responded to a question directed to him by one of his program followers regarding the fate of Al-Ittifaq Club’s request to listen to the recordings of the VAR room during their team’s match against Al-Nasr. During tonight’s episode of the “Action with Walid” program, Al-Farraj said that the … Read more

Helping Hands: Share and Save Food to Support the Homeless in Brussels

2023-10-31 16:29:31 In Brussels, the formula has already been successfully tested by associations which help the homeless. The principle is as simple as it is generous: if you have too much food – and this is particularly true during the holiday season – put it in the fridge placed by a non-profit organization so that … Read more

Ultimate Guide to ***** ********* ******* *********** ******** ********* *******

2023-10-28 04:38:00 ***** ********* ******* *********** ******** ********* ******* ** ***** ** ****** *** ****** ** ******** *** ***** ****** ***** ********* *** ********* ** ********* ****** ********* *** ****** ** **** **** *********** ***** ********* ** *********** **** **** **** ** *** ******* **** ** ****** ** ************ ****** **** ******* ****** ***** ** … Read more

Help Save Ghina: Fundraising for Life-Saving Brain Surgery

2023-10-13 13:11:00 Ghina Khader’s journey began at the age of 6 years with headaches that were later diagnosed with a congenital brain malformation. No one expected this bitter truth, but there was no help, and her family had to live with her pain and her daughter’s condition and try to alleviate her pain. From one … Read more

Interpreting the Presence of a Detained Person on a Dating Site: Insights from a Sexologist

2023-10-07 10:00:00 How can we interpret the presence on a dating site of a detained person, “at home” of course, but with an electronic bracelet? We asked the question to Marie Tapernoux, sexologist, columnist in several media and present in the show “Married at first sight”. of videos “All human beings need love, tenderness, contact … Read more

Aldi introduces new ‘compact’ stores in Brussels and Antwerp with focus on fresh products

2023-09-30 17:45:44 Last November, Aldi opened its first “compact” store in Ixelles. “The situation in Brussels is not comparable to that of the rest of the country,” Geert de Roy, Senior Manager Expansion at Aldi, told us. Read also Aldi is launching local stores to strengthen its Brussels offering: the first will be inaugurated this … Read more