Chilean Vote on New Constitution: The Aftermath of the Pinochet Era

2023-12-18 01:12:02 The text from the Pinochet era will be maintained, since the two proposals made were rejected. Courtesy CNN in Spanish | The text was written in the sectors on the right With 99.33% of tables counted, the ‘against’ prevails with 55.76% compared to 44.24% of the ‘for’ in the Chilean vote on a … Read more

Constitutional Council: Republicans rule out the list with Chile Vamos and Amarillos ratify that it is subtracted | National

From Amarillos por Chile they ratified that they decided to withdraw from the process of electing constitutional councilors, while from the Republican Party they ruled out any possibility of an alliance with Chile Vamos, so that from the opposition there is still no complete clarity on how the lists will be presented. The information is … Read more

Boric values ​​”imperfect” constitutional agreement and UDI asks the ruling party to “listen to its President” | National

Different political sectors valued the words of President Gabriel Boric, who this Monday supported the “imperfect” constitutional agreement sealed a week ago. Added to that, the President once again admitted that his sector lost in the previous process. Given the notices of wanting to modify the document in the legislative process, the president of the … Read more

Cadem: 71% in favor of the new Constitution and 49% would put half of the experts chosen by Congress | National

71% agree with having a new Constitution, according to the latest Cadem survey. The measurement showed that 49% opt for a mixed formula: one half of elected constituents and the other made up of experts, who should be chosen by Congress. Finally, 42% believe that the new Magna Carta should be ready within 6 months. … Read more

The agreements reached and knots to unblock after the first dialogue for the new constituent route | National

Next Monday, technical work will begin in the National Congress, to define the framework of the new constituent process, where there would already be an agreement to elect a second Constitutional Convention and establish an exit plebiscite. The opposition called for taking time to assess the effects of Sunday’s result, and with parity as something … Read more

Final projection Bío Bío: Rejection will prevail with 61.6% over 38.4% of Approval | National

The first projection of La Radio gave 61.7% to the Rejection, but it was refined to 61.6% in the third and last update. At 8:16 p.m., with 88.08% of the tables counted, Servel reports that the Rejection accumulates 62.00% (6,944,426 votes) and the Approval 38.00% (4,256,165). The Rejection will win this constitutional plebiscite with 61.6% … Read more

Exit plebiscite 2022 | New constitution for Chile?: keys to understand the historic plebiscite that divides the nation | I approve | Rejection | World

On September 4, a historic plebiscite will be held for Chile: It will be defined if the citizens approve or reject the new constitution, drafted by the Constitutional Convention with gender parity and participation of indigenous peoples. It is a milestone in the continent that could mark the change of course for the nation. About … Read more

Constituent advisor: proposal for indigenous laws is more similar to Switzerland than to Bolivia | National

What does it mean that the new Constitution turned Chile into a multinational and ecological State? DW spoke, in Europe, with an activist of Mapuche origin and with the legal advisor of a conventional Kawésqar. “On the maternal side I am Mapuche. For us it is very important to recognize that the State can act … Read more