Pokémon GO adds new sizes XXS and XXL for Tyranitar and all Pokémon

Not long ago we told you the implementation of the update of XXS and XXL sizes for some of the Pokémon that are available in Pokmon GO, the title of mobiles. well now Niantic has reported how much Tyranitar like the rest of the Pokémon in the game they also receive these sizes. In other … Read more

Research Mysterious skins in Pokémon GO: Tasks, missions and rewards

from this very morning start in Pokmon GO the expected great evento de Halloween 2022, both in Spain and throughout the world (which we remember will be divided into two parts). this new event temporal includes, among other innovations, new tasks of special investigation that players can complete to win rewards nicas. If you don’t … Read more

Niantic Web Version Lightship Visual Positioning System Launches AR Augmented Reality Application to More Devices Using #WebAR (183109)

Constructing interactive content in the form of web pages is not limited by Android or iOS device platforms, and can even be used by devices without LiDAR sensors. At the same time, it can also be constructed using more than 100,000 activated Lightship visual positioning system locations. Your own mobile positioning WebAR experience, which includes … Read more

The Psychoshow returns to Pokémon GO on September 6 with Mega-Alakazam

next return to Pokmon GO the event dedicated to type Pokémon Psquicothe call psychospectacle. The popular augmented reality mobile title will host a lot of news for several days, among which the debut of the Pokmon Mega-Alakazam or the incursions of Deoxys. You don’t want to miss anything? Pay attention because then we will tell … Read more

Pokémon Go creator cancels four projects and cuts jobs | companies | ECONOMY

In an email to staff reviewed by Bloomberg, Niantic’s CEO, John Hankewrote that the company was “facing a time of economic turbulence” and had already been “reducing costs in a variety of areas”. But Hanke said that Niantic needs “further optimize our operations to better position the company to weather any economic storms that may … Read more