Empowering Communities with Natural Medicine: Self-Care in Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV

2023-05-29 17:10:43 Just after taking his HIV treatment each morning, Antonio Hooker prepares a kit of fresh herbs and fruits that he has bought at the local market to cross the area of ​​Bilwa, a town on the Caribbean coast of northern Nicaragua, as a promoter of health of the Association of People Living with … Read more

Nicaragua threatens to suspend relations with the Vatican

Nicaragua still a little more isolated on the international scene? The country is considering suspending relations with the Vatican, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry said on Sunday (March 12) after pope francis considered that this Central American country was “a crude dictatorship”. “Faced with information disseminated by sources linked to Catholic Churchthe Government of Reconciliation and … Read more

Carmona (PC) affirms that Ortega is a “validated president” and acknowledges “critical judgment” by expatriates | National

Lautaro Carmona assured that “we have raised a critical judgment regarding this measure”, since “we do not intervene in what are Nicaragua’s own affairs, it is an issue that they must resolve politically.” He General Secretary of the Communist Party, Lautaro Carmona, recognized a “critical judgment” after the government’s decision to offer Chilean citizenship to … Read more

Ortega to the US after the expulsion of political prisoners: “We are not asking for anything in return” | Nicaragua | United States | Rosario Murillo | White House | World

Sullivan asked about the number of deportees and Ortega replied: “Everyone.” Photo: composition LR/El Mundo/Article 66 This Thursday, the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortegapointed out that You are not asking for “anything in return” to the United States regarding the sanctions against officials of its Government after the release and expulsion to the North American … Read more

Global Corruption Ranking, Latin American Countries Fall to Record Low | Reuters

Guatemala, Nicaragua and Cuba each fell to their lowest rankings in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index released by anti-corruption group Transparency International on January 31. FILE PHOTO: Guatemala City, Guatemala, August 2023. REUTERS/Sandra Sebastian SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Guatemala, Nicaragua and Cuba all hit record lows in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index released on Monday … Read more

Green kite Nicaragua: when and what time to see throughout the territory? | Nicaraguan | Green kite 2023 schedule in Nicaragua | green kite hour | Science

A once in a lifetime phenomenon! The green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will have its closest approach to Earth in 50,000 years and HERE we tell you what time and how to see it. And green kite will light up the sky Nicaragua and other Latin American countries between the end of January and the … Read more