Nicolas Moawad, in response to the controversy of the kiss of the series “The Price”: Happy with the reactions (video) | news

The artist, Nicolas Moawad, responded to the controversy that arose because of the kiss scene that was shown in the 27th episode between him and actress Sarah Abi Kanaan, who presents the character “Tima”. Nicolas Moawad said during an interview with the mbcTrending program about the reactions to the scene: I am happy with the … Read more

Special Art- An affair between Merva Al-Qadi and Basil Khayyat!

Hadi Youssef Private sources revealed to Al-Fan that the Lebanese actress, Merva Al-Qadi, participated in the series “The Price”, alongside the Syrian actor, Basil Khayyat. The source confirmed that the makers of the work did not disclose Merva Al-Qadi, so that the audience would be met with a heavy-caliber surprise in its first episodes, just … Read more