‘Running Man’ appears at Singapore night market… Special ‘Mukbang’ Race

2023-11-19 00:16:00 Offline – SBS News A special mukbang race taking place in Singapore will be revealed on SBS’ ‘Running Man’. The ‘Running Man’ members visited the local night market, which is considered a must-visit when traveling to Singapore. The night market attracted attention as it was lined with Singapore’s representative foods such as laksa, … Read more

Gold Nugget NBA Star Porter’s Visit to Taiwan and Praise for Baseball: A Close Encounter with Enthusiastic Fans and Tasting Taiwanese Food

2023-09-05 23:55:00 NBA” gold nugget champion star Porter arrives in Taiwan to kick off for his brother and praises Taiwan’s baseball sports.ltn.com.twThe first visit to Taiwan is super close to the people!Gold Nugget MPJ: I heard Taiwanese people are enthusiastic Yahoo newsNews / NBA gold nugget champion forward Porter Jr. came to Taiwan for four … Read more

The Consequences of Eating Contaminated Stinky Tofu: A Shocking Hospitalization Story

2023-08-31 10:47:23 The sisters were hospitalized for stinky tofu. (Picture / Taken from Xiaohongshu) Cheap and delicious stinky tofu is the first choice for many people. However, a pair of sisters recently suffered from food poisoning and crazy diarrhea after eating stinky tofu from a Malaysian night market. The younger sister was hospitalized for 5 … Read more

“Night Market Lottery Winner Smashes Store in Excitement: Viral Video and Story”

2023-05-15 01:41:09 After winning the prize, the owner of the night market smashed the store in excitement. (Picture / flip from Weibo) A real reaction video of a lottery winner has recently spread on the Chinese Internet. The owner of a grilled squid shop in the Niansanli night market in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, learned that … Read more

Empowering Night Economy with Cultural Flavor at Normal University Night Market

2023-05-09 09:25:39 Add a “cultural flavor” to the pyrotechnics! Normal University Night Market Empowers “Night Economy” with Creative Design 2023-05-09 17:25:39 Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily Author: Wang Xingguo, Cai Tao, Jiang Guohong On the 8th, Wang Leilei, an 8-year-old Harbin kid, followed his parents to the Shida Night Market. This time he came not only … Read more