Niurka responds to speculation about the paternity of Emilio Osorio

Digital Millennium Mexico City. / 13.09.2022 16:55:00 Niurka Marcos is one of the most controversial personalities in the world of entertainment, her irreverence, sincerity and objectivity have led her to be considered as ‘the scandal woman’a nickname that she herself uses with pride. The actress, singer and dancer is constantly at the center of controversy … Read more

“Disgusting and dangerous”: Gustavo Adolfo Infante on the witchcraft that Niurka did to Laura Bozzo

A few days ago a video began to circulate in which Niurka Marcos made a kind of spell on Laura Bozzoapparently in order not to leave “The House of Famous 2”, however, this was not well seen by the followers of the Peruvian. This in attention to the fans of the ‘Miss Laura‘ assured that … Read more

Ivonne Montero and Niurka kiss passionately in The House of Celebrities 2 | VIDEO

Tempers flared in the house of celebrities 2in between Yvonne Montero y Niurka Marcos, with a kiss that left more than one shocked during the last hours in the Telemundo reality show. The Cuban brought out her skills as a teacher and gave a kissing chair to the Mexican dancer and actresswho was embarrassed by … Read more

“He sings to love and does not exercise it”: Niurka exploded against Luis Miguel in “The House of Celebrities”

Written in CELEBRITIES the 15/5/2022 · 15:21 hs Niurka, since before the start of “The House of the Famous”, He has become one of the most controversial characters on Telemundo’s reality show. One of the greatest examples of him was the arrival of him and the way in which he greeted Laura Bozzowho at first … Read more

“Everyone hates me”: Laura Bozzo wants to leave “The House of Celebrities” because of Niurka

Written in CELEBRITIES the 12/5/2022 · 22:17 hs Started the second season of “The House of the Famous” between the controversy of its new members, among which find Laura Bozzowho did not look very happy to see Niurka’s arrival at the famous house. After having been caught with a bad attitude when the Cuban woman … Read more

“Everyone hates me”: Laura Bozzo demands to be removed from “The House of Celebrities 2”; she blames Niurka

The pressure and stress caused by confinement in “The House of the Famous“He has already claimed his first victim, and that is Laura Bozzo demanded to be removed from the reality show after it was revealed that she was on the list of the nominated celebrities by his companions to leave the house. Nacho Casano, … Read more