Teresita Reyes suffers a severe fall in a parking lot and ends up in the clinic – Publimetro Chile

Teresita Reyes recounted the accident she suffered a few days ago, for which she ended up at the clinicin a video for his followers on his account Instagram. As reported in the record – which was a live that was later uploaded as a publication -, the beloved Chilean actress fell flat on her face … Read more

Broke a classmate’s nose; Judgment for compensation of Dh20,000 Ordered To Pay Dh20,000 After Son Breaks Classmate’s Nose In School Fight

Abu Dhabi: Compensation for breaking a classmate’s nose 20,000 dirhams to the father of the student Th. A fight between two students resulted in fistfights. 20,000 dirhams compensation for the family of the child whose nose was injured The court was judging. The father of the injured child is asking for compensation of one and … Read more

50-year-old woman with “blackheads” on her nose didn’t care that the doctor shook her head: it was cancer | LIFE | CTWANT

A woman in Nanjing developed “blackheads” on her nose, which turned out to be malignant tumors. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo) A 50-year-old woman surnamed Zhu in Nanjing, China, was accompanying a friend to see a doctor a few days ago. The doctor found that the “black mole” on her nose was not right and … Read more

Cyanosis • When your lips or fingers turn blue

Bluish discolored lips or fingertips indicate cyanosis. A lack of oxygen in the blood causes the skin and mucous membranes to turn blue. What causes cyanosis and when is medical attention needed? © ZayNyi – stock.adobe.com Article content at a glance: Identify skin diseases with these images What is cyanosis? A bluish discoloration of the … Read more

‘Asthma’ vulnerable to cold air, 10 questions 10 answers [코/목/귀 상담소]

O-Jin Kwon, an otolaryngologist, and Hidak are working together. [코/목/귀 상담소]. Hidak counselors will answer all your questions about nose, throat, and ear-related diseases. Asthma is a typical seasonal respiratory disease. If you are an asthma patient, you should take extra care as your symptoms get worse in the weather with large temperature and humidity … Read more