Vaccinated at least 8 times to relieve pain

A man in India has reportedly received at least 8 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the country’s health authorities. Brahmdeo Mandal, a 65-year-old man, claims instead that he received 11 injections between February and December 2021. The retired mail carrier claims the doses help him relieve pain and “stay healthy.” He also claims … Read more

Supreme Court divided on vaccine obligation for millions of American workers

The Supreme Court of the United States appeared on Friday divided on the vaccine obligation that Joe Biden wanted for certain companies, the progressive judges appearing very favorable and the conservatives much more skeptical. • Read also: Towards compulsory vaccination in Canada? • Read also: The world is tightening the screw on the unvaccinated But … Read more

Seduce Americans by singing in French

When the Québécoise Josie Boivin started her musical project under the name of Munya, in 2018, the last thing she expected was that her dreamy pop songs in French would attract the attention of major American specialized media. Yet, to his surprise, the influential Pitchfork praised his song Kisses everywhere. She was then invited to … Read more

Moving employees around the world was already beginning to seem unnecessary before the pandemic

If CEOs are the monarchs of the business world, the payroll of well-paid workers who move from headquarters to oversee operations around the world are their ambassadors. In the golden age of globalization, sending an expatriate Western executive to a far-flung emerging market conveyed the message that the company was taking the destination seriously. This … Read more