Also well taken care of during the holidays: With GOURMET Kids tasty and healthy through the summer

2023-08-08 12:19:36 In around 50 summer camps throughout Austria, GOURMET Kids provides fresh food every day during the summer holidays. Vienna (OTS) – Holiday camps offer children of all ages an exciting program with games, fun, sports, languages ​​or art. So that you don’t run out of energy during these diverse activities, you also need … Read more

How Hearty Oatmeal Can Help You Achieve Successful Weight Loss

2023-08-02 05:00:00 That’s why hearty oatmeal helps you lose weight The preparation for a hearty porridge is quick and easy. And an extremely healthy weight loss meal at the same time! Oatmeal is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber. These keep us full for a long time, boost the metabolism and have a positive effect … Read more

Processed Foods and Type 2 Diabetes: The Hidden Dangers Revealed

2023-07-31 11:03:21 An Italian study shows that even an otherwise healthy diet can contain unexpected amounts of highly processed foods: these highly processed, mostly industrially manufactured products have been associated with increased mortality in people with type 2 diabetes, regardless of the overall quality of the diet Nourishment. High consumption of highly processed foods was … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Sugar Content and Calories in Different Types of Fruit

2023-07-25 08:24:00 Fruit is healthy and contains many vitamins. But did you know that the sweetness in some fruits comes from a high sugar content? We’ll tell you which fruits contain a particularly large amount of fructose and glucose and are therefore real calorie bombs and which have hardly any carbohydrates. The table on the … Read more

Transforming Timo: From 150kg to a Slim and Sporty Life – Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

2023-07-24 19:38:05 Timo is slim, sporty and looking for the love of his life. On “First Dates” the 43-year-old suddenly reveals that he looked very different nine years ago. Because at that time he weighed a total of 150 kilos. In an interview, he told us about the dramatic incident that caused Timo to change … Read more

Recognize Stress in the Body: Alarming Blood Values and Tips to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

2023-07-15 06:20:00 risk of heart attack Recognize stress in the body: These blood values ​​are alarming 15.07.2023, 08:20 | Reading time: 4 minutes 6 tips against stress 6 tips against stress These 6 tips will help you avoid stress. show description Berlin. Chronic stress affects certain values ​​in our body. How you can recognize and … Read more