Russia has seized the initiative in the oil market

2023-09-27 05:33:55 Oil traders have been massively buying futures for the six most traded crude oil and fuel contracts for four weeks now. The signal for this was given to them by their OPEC+ partners – Saudi Arabia and Russia. All they had to do was announce an extension of the cumulative supply cut of … Read more

Vaccination Timing for Covid: Why Now is the Right Time

2023-09-20 04:30:00 Wait or not, many Walloons considered “vulnerable” and therefore in the target to receive this new dose of vaccine against covid, are asking themselves the question. However, the latest figures from Sciensano showed a rebound in the number of contaminations at the beginning of September, with more than 2,707 new Sars-CoV-2 contaminations detected. … Read more

Tragic Road Accident in Morocco Claims Lives of Belgian Couple – Local Community Mourns

2023-09-15 09:41:00 While in Morocco, a man and a woman from Houthalen-Helchteren lost their lives in a road accident. As our colleagues from Nieuwsblad specify, the collision occurred in the town of Driouch while the couple was heading towards the town center of Al-Dari. In the town, the news shocked all the residents. Especially since … Read more

The Hidden Dangers of Excessive Flour Consumption: Expert Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

2023-09-09 15:18:16 Al-Marsad newspaper: A nutrition expert revealed in a video clip the harms of eating too much flour, and the necessity of reducing it in order to avoid developing health problems, including insulin resistance, blood pressure, and diabetes. She said in the video: If you are still eating flour or flour, I expect that … Read more

The price of the dollar in Lebanon today, Saturday 9-9-2023 The exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon, moment by moment – Safa Agency

2023-09-09 09:27:00 The price of the dollar in Lebanon today, Saturday 9-9-2023, the exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon, moment by moment Safa AgencyToday’s dollar price in Syria, Friday, September 8, 2023… a new devaluation of the lira Al Ain SportsExchange rates of the Syrian, Turkish and Lebanese pounds 9/9/2023 Orient OrientThe price of … Read more

Renew Work and Residency Permits in Bahrain: Easy and Online Permit Renewal Process

2023-09-03 02:35:38 Manama: From now on, expatriates from outside Bahrain will be able to stay. Permit can also be renewed online to the detriment of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Liti, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA) Secretary Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa announced. How to renew existing residency and work permits Sattulla Pravasi was … Read more