Angle: Europe moves to conserve energy equipment Destruction of Nord Stream | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – European nations are stepping up alarm over a leak in the Nord Stream pipeline, which sends gas from Russia to Europe, as sabotage, to ensure the security of other energy supply systems In order to do so, they embarked on measures such as sending the military. Regarding the gas leak in the … Read more

Focus: Putin’s Strategy for Energy Supply Weapons, Trial Calculation of ‘Russia also Hurts’ | Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) – “Energy supply to the West may be cut off completely”. Such threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relations with the West continue to sour over an invasion of Ukraine, could prove to be a double-edged sword for Russia. On September 8th, “We will cut off the energy supply to the West, … Read more

Lukoil chairman falls to death from hospital window, state media reports suicide | Reuters

Rabil Maganov, 67, chairman of Lukoil, Russia’s second-largest oil company, died on September 1 after falling out of a window while in hospital. Two people familiar with the matter said. Maganov (right) and President Putin. Taken in Moscow, November 2019. Photo provided (2022 REUTERS/Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin) MOSCOW (Reuters) – Rabil Maganov, 67, chairman of Russia’s second-largest … Read more

Japan’s oil price cap “half” plan, crude oil over $ 400 = former Russian president | Reuters

On July 5, Russia’s former President Medvejev said that Russia’s oil price cap would be about half of its current price, according to reports from Japan, which, if implemented, would significantly reduce crude oil on the market. He pointed out that the price could rise to over $ 300-400 per barrel. The photo was taken … Read more

Angle: Saudi diplomatic power behind increased oil production, tightrope walking between US and Russia | Reuters

[London / Dubai 30th Reuters]–The OPEC Plus, which is made by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-member oil producing countries such as Russia, decided to increase production at the meeting on June 2, and the “shadow” by Saudi Arabia. There was a diplomatic effort. Saudi Arabia, which had been trying to increase … Read more

Focus: North American oil production boom, wall, harsh conditions and unmanageable | Reuters

[Reuters]–Jeremy Davis, 38, who worked in an oil field in Texas, USA, was fired in 2020. He never left the energy industry, where he had been working for 17 years, but since then he has been hit by a series of unfortunate events in his workplace. Jeremy Davis, 38, who worked in an oil field … Read more