Russia has seized the initiative in the oil market

2023-09-27 05:33:55 Oil traders have been massively buying futures for the six most traded crude oil and fuel contracts for four weeks now. The signal for this was given to them by their OPEC+ partners – Saudi Arabia and Russia. All they had to do was announce an extension of the cumulative supply cut of … Read more

Oil goes up – gold goes down US stocks close negative on concerns of government shutdown – Online Manager

2023-09-26 21:41:00 Oil goes up – gold goes down US stocks closed lower on concerns of government shutdowns. online managerWest Texas crude oil rose 71 cents. Bangkok ThurakitSummary of international news On Tuesday, September 26, 2023 efinanceThaiOil stabilizes after Russia eases export ban. US stocks close positive, gold declines. online managerThe price of West Texas … Read more

Controversial Seizure of History Textbook on Stalin’s Deportation Sparks Outrage in Chechnya

2023-09-23 12:59:00 The Chairman of the Chechen Parliament, Magomed Daudov (known as Lord), said that in the region, all copies of a history textbook for 10 grades, which was criticized because of the section on Stalin’s deportation of the peoples of the USSR, were seized from schools. Post this appeared in Daudov’s telegram channel. “I … Read more

Oil prices recorded $93.27 for Brent crude and $90.03 for American crude

2023-09-23 11:21:00 Written by – Marwa Al-Ghoul Saturday, September 23, 2023 02:21 PM Prices recorded Oil $93.27 per barrel for Brent crude futures, and US West Texas Intermediate crude futures recorded $90.03 per barrel upon settlement on Friday. The Russian government announced the imposition of temporary restrictions on the export of gasoline and diesel fuel … Read more

Discover the Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Health and Well-being

2023-09-22 09:08:00 Currently, health care trends are popular. There are a variety of exercises to choose from and eating recipes to lose weight and reduce fat that are abundant in modern times. But many people still can’t decide. So let’s try to choose from the oils used for cooking first. Because if we choose better, … Read more