End of the pandemic – and all interventions? Why is there great disagreement now?

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Fuzzy infection situation: RKI: Corona incidence is not going down any further

Vague infection situation RKI: Corona incidence is not going down any further 12/01/2022 10:03 p.m The corona indicators in Germany have been falling for weeks, but this trend seems to have ended for the time being. The RKI reports a stagnating incidence in Germany for the past week. Meanwhile, the number of other respiratory diseases … Read more

SARS outbreak 20 years ago: “The fourth phase of the epidemics”

SARS outbreak 20 years ago “The Fourth Phase of Epidemics” By Kai Stoppel 11/19/2022 3:37 p.m 20 years ago, a previously unknown lung disease emerged in southern China. Like Covid-19, it is triggered by a corona virus and is spreading around the world at breakneck speed. Her name: SARS. From the point of view of … Read more