Samsung Electronics again sniping Apple “Is there any innovation in the iPhone?”

Samsung Electronics mocked Apple with a YouTube video emphasizing the 100x space zoom feature that iPhones do not have. Source = Samsung Electronics America’s official YouTube channel Samsung Electronics has attacked Apple again with a smartphone. The US subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, which used Twitter to ridicule Apple when the iPhone 13 series was launched, … Read more

Expansion of corporate inventory… Growing importance of ‘future strategy’

Samsung Electronics Hwaseong Campus Foundry. Source = Samsung Electronics In the first half of the year, inventory assets of major companies are increasing rapidly. In response, opinions from a new perspective are emerging: “Inventory growth is a natural phenomenon, and the future strategy of companies is more important than immediate inventory adjustment.” concerns of companies … Read more

Samsung washing machine ‘damaged tempered glass again’… 4 months old product

Source = online community Samsung Electronics (005930)’s drum washing machine damaged during washing due to a defect in tempered glass continues. Due to a series of recent washing machine damage accidents, Samsung Electronics has been carrying out extensive free repair and replacement of the product since the 18th, and additional damage cases are emerging, causing … Read more

Smartphone flagship clash… Galaxy Z 4th generation vs iPhone 14

Samsung Electronics (hereinafter referred to as Samsung) and Apple, the two mountain ranges in the global smartphone industry, will once again clash with new products in the second half of this year. Samsung is expected to release the 4th generation of the foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z’ in August, and Apple is expected to release the … Read more

Samsung SDI strengthens the technology gap by securing talent

‘Tech & Career Forum’ held by Samsung SDI on the 8th. Source = Samsung SDI Samsung SDI announced on the 10th that it had held the ‘Tech & Career Forum’ for domestic doctoral-level personnel at the Chosun Palace Hotel in Seoul on the 8th. On this day, the forum was held in order, including a … Read more

‘GOS Controversy’ Galaxy S22, Samsung declared to break through “actively collecting customer opinions”

‘GOS Controversy’ Galaxy S22, Samsung declared to break through “actively collecting customer opinions”

Galaxy S22 series. Source = Samsung Electronics [이코노믹리뷰=박정훈 기자] Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S22 series, which set a new record of pre-order sales of 1.02 million units for a week, and continues the good atmosphere at the beginning of its release, faced a crisis as it was embroiled in a controversy over ‘mandatory GOS function’. Samsung … Read more