“Paolo Hurtado Defends Himself Against Magaly Medina’s Criticism And Alleges Infidelity: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-27 04:34:52 Paul Hurtado He issued a statement to defend himself against Magaly Medina’s criticism, and hinted that the show host’s husband, Alfredo Zambrano, would also have been unfaithful. MIRA: Alfredo Benavides surprises by answering Gabriela Serpa’s cell phone: “We are in a hotel” The Cienciano footballer published a strong message on his social networks … Read more

“The Media Confrontation and Infidelity Controversy Involving Paolo Hurtado and Rosa Fuentes: Insights and Reactions from Roberto Martinez and Rebecca Writens”

2023-04-19 22:32:04 Rebecca Writens could not be oblivious to the media confrontation that broke out between Rosa Fuentes and Paolo Hurtado after the infidelity of the soccer player with Jossmery Toledo was evidenced. The host of the “América Espectáculos” block did not delve into the details, she only stressed that the most affected in this … Read more

“Paolo Hurtado’s threatening messages to still wife during her risky pregnancy”

2023-04-18 03:46:00 Deplorable. After Magaly Medina announced revealing chats between Paul Hurtado and Rosa Fuentes, the soccer player made the radical decision to send intimidating messages to his still wife, despite the fact that she is carrying a risky pregnancy. MIRA: Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery after a new ‘ampay’: “Karma is going to come to … Read more

Sofía Franco reveals that Paolo Hurtado wrote to her to reconcile her for talking about her ampay with Jossmery Toledo VIDEO what he told the host Farándula TRPM | SHOWS

Sofia Franco was a guest this Thursday morning at ‘America Today’ and made a shocking revelation that left everyone surprised: Paul Hurtado he wrote to her on Instagram to “square” her for talking about her ampay with Jossmery Toledo. The blonde participated in a sequence for Holy Week in which they talked about the show … Read more

Paolo Hurtado would lose cars, real estate and more ampay: Wife Rosa Fuentes would request compensation for “dishonorable conduct” infidelity Jossmery Toledo Magaly TV La Firme trcm | SHOWS

shows Paolo Hurtado’s wife, Rosa Fuentes, would be about to request compensation for moral damages after the player was unfaithful with the model Jossmery Toledo. HE WOULD BE LEFT WITHOUT ANYTHING. Football player Paul Hurtado he would pay the consequences of his actions by being unfaithful with the model Jossmery Toledo. The lawyer Claudia Zumaeta … Read more

Rebeca Escribens outraged by Hurtado’s ‘ampay’ with Jossmery: “What anger, poor children” | Rebeca Escribns | Paolo Hurtado | Jossmery Toledo | Cuzco | Pink Sources | ampay | | SHOWS

Rebecca Writens did not hesitate to show his indignation after ampay de Paul Hurtado con Jossmery Toledo in Cuscowhile his wife Rosa Fuentes is in a state of pregnancy. MIRA: Jossmery Toledo and the day that Paolo Hurtado’s wife denounced extortion for alleged ampay The host of ‘Espectáculos’ regretted that the player had questionable behavior. … Read more