5 billion FCFA to pay for the 2024-2025 back-to-school allowance in Gabon –

Participants in the launching ceremony of the ARS 2024-2025 campaign on March 4 in Libreville © Gabonactu.com The Director General of the Pension and Family Benefits Fund for State Employees (CPPF), Carl Ngueba Boutoundou, announced Monday March 4, 2024 during the launch ceremony of the 2024-2025 Back-to-School Allowance Campaign school (ARS), that the State has … Read more

Empowering Joris: Supporting Independent Living for a Mentally and Physically Disabled Individual

2023-12-04 11:08:45 Joris is a 36-year-old physically and mentally disabled person who decided to live alone 4 years ago. Very attached and very close to his mother, the shock was brutal when Joris, who in reality has the mentality of a 10 year old child, decided to live alone, in his own apartment. of videos … Read more

Jayne’s 40-year old wall dispute: Grandad vows to die in prison rather than pay €3,700 fine

2023-11-30 17:21:01 Ron is at his wit’s end. Aged 88, the retired farmer was ordered to pay a fine of more than €3,700 for having demolished part of a wall… which he himself built 40 years ago on his farm. He says he is ready to end his life in prison so as not to … Read more

Finding Solutions to Traffic Jams: Innovative Ideas by Mobility Experts at the University of Louvain

2023-11-14 18:49:00 Two professors specializing in mobility at the University of Louvain would like to find solutions to the problem of traffic jams in Belgium. For them, instead of stupidly punishing motorists who drive during rush hours, why not simply “reward” those who avoid rush hours by finding other transportation alternatives? of videos One certainty … Read more

Understanding Your Energy Bill: Tips to Check for Errors and Contact Your Supplier

2023-10-26 09:42:00 Published on Thursday August 3, 2023 at 10:33 a.m. Just as you check your receipt when leaving the store, it can be useful to check your energy bills. And, if necessary, have them corrected. We also explain how suppliers prepare your invoice. Complaints have exploded at the Walloon energy mediator. This is due, … Read more

Damaged Door After Police Search: Residents Left With Repair Costs and Uncertainty

2023-10-09 11:31:49 This situation stems from a police search which took place at dawn on September 1, targeting a man suspected of drug trafficking. Police had to break down the front door to gain access to the building, leaving residents with a damaged door and a faulty intercom system. The repair costs amount to 9,000 … Read more

Unlocking the Power: A Guide to Changing Energy Contracts and Suppliers in Wallonia and Brussels

2023-09-08 12:30:00 By the editorial team Published on 08/29/2023 at 2:33 p.m. Since 2007, the electricity and gas market has been completely liberalized in Wallonia. For Brussels, this liberalization dates back to 2003. This means you are free to change your energy contract and supplier as you see fit. This without your current supplier being … Read more

Outrageous Hospital Bills for International Travelers: Estée’s Story and How to Negotiate Lower Costs

2023-08-12 12:42:54 Estée, a 26-year-old Belgian, traveled to the United States and had the misfortune to develop kidney stones there. Hospitalized, she was subsequently billed an amount of 51,000 dollars, or 46,000 euros. An astronomical sum for this young woman who has mutual insurance in Belgium! But according to the Newspaperhis health insurance no longer … Read more