Resent-Russia former special envoy resigning against invasion, hospitalized in Europe for nervous system disease | Reuters

Anatoly Chubais (pictured), who resigned as special envoy of the Russian president in March this year to oppose the invasion of Ukraine, has been hospitalized … Read more

US investor Paulson and JP Morgan sued for divorce, asset hiding and wife | Reuters

Hedge fund founder John Paulson (66, center photo) paid at least $ 1 billion on July 7 for his wife, who was filed for divorce … Read more

Former Prime Minister Abe, Great Achievements for Escape from Deflation and Economic Growth = Governor of the Bank of Japan Kuroda | Reuters

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Saki U.S. spokesman retires in a few weeks or is a candidate for successor.

Saki, a spokesman for the White House (pictured), is preparing to retire in the coming weeks, sources said. Taken in March (2022 Reuters / Leah … Read more

Beckham to send instagram “transfer” to Ukrainian doctors | Reuters

Former England captain David Beckham has announced that he will temporarily transfer his Instagram account, which has 71.6 million followers, to a Ukrainian doctor. Taken … Read more

Emerging conglomerate Abramovich enters Moscow and seeks a ceasefire in Ukraine | Reuters

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Ceasefire violations increase in Ukraine, NATO Secretary-General expresses concern | Reuters

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