Cañete’s salary as president of Pimec revealed

Antoni Cañete has introduced several changes since his appointment as president of Pimec, this week it will be a year. Perhaps the most differentiating thing about the stage of his predecessor, Josep González, is that Cañete decided that the position of president should be remunerated. With this, he broke a taboo on Catalan employers, where … Read more

only one-fifth of large companies pay within the legal deadline

BarcelonaPrivate companies in 2021 took an average of 72 days to pay their suppliers and public administrations, 61. Most delinquent companies are large (61%) and only 20% pay within the legal deadlines, which are 30 days for public sector and 60 for the private sector, according to a report by the Multisectoral Platform against Delinquency, … Read more

Pimec rounds the parties to “adapt” the labor reform to SMEs

The Catalan employers press to increase their weight in collective bargaining or the prevalence of the regional agreement over the state The labour reform enters its decisive phase in the Congress without the Government having yet managed to secure the necessary support to ensure a majority. In this negotiating back and forth, the bosses Pimec … Read more

SMEs were gaining weight in the Catalan economy until the arrival of the covid

59% of the gross added value in Catalonia was generated by small and medium-sized companies, according to the latest Pimec employer’s yearbook The small and medium businesses They gained weight in the whole of the Catalan economy before the covid and faced the first blow of the pandemic in a general state of good health. … Read more

Pimec warns that the escalation of commodity prices will continue

The president of Pimec, Antoni Cañete, warned yesterday that the increase in commodity prices that negatively affects the vast majority of SMEs “has come to stay”. Nor is the breakdown of the supply chain a “one-time issue”. To this must be added the “absolutely disproportionate” escalation of electricity, which Cañete called for to be reversed … Read more