PlayStation VR 2 for the PS5 starts in February for 599 euros, Sony unveils eleven new games

Eye tracking allows the areas the player is currently viewing to be rendered at a higher quality. Four cameras, in combination with motion sensors, enable spatial tracking, while vibration motors give the player haptic feedback. Sony has today too eleven new VR games presented, expanding the game lineup after blockbusters like Resident Evil Village, The … Read more

PlayStation VR 2 is not backward compatible with PlayStation VR games #SONY (182647)

In theory, porting PlayStation VR game content to PlayStation VR 2 should not be a big problem, but it mainly depends on the developer’s wishes. After showing the actual appearance of PlayStation VR 2 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony confirmed in a related note that PlayStation VR 2 will not be able to … Read more

PlayStation VR 2: Sony’s next virtual reality headset will not be backward compatible with PSVR games!

It’s a very busy week drawing to a close in the gaming world, marked by the Tokyo Game Show 2022but also by a State of Play or even the publication on the Web of the first media notices concerning the PlayStation VR 2 of Sony. virtual reality headset expected early 2023 is most promising, as … Read more

PS VR 2 is expected to start mass production in the second half of the year, the fastest sales in the first quarter of 2023, the first wave of shipments will be about 1.5 million units #PlayStation VR 2 (177859)

The wiring of the PlayStation VR 2 is simpler than that of the previous generation model. It can be connected to the host through a single cable, and has 4K HDR output and more real-time image rendering computing power. It can also achieve inside-out tracking effects through external lenses. Allow users to have a more … Read more

Sony 6/3 “State of Play” live broadcast announced the new PS VR 2 game SEGA may release a new remake game console on the same day #PlayStation VR 2 (177835)

SEGA said that it will announce the content of the new project, and Miyazaki Hiroyuki and Okunori Yosuke, who have led the re-engraving of SEGA’s classic game console Mega Drive Mini in the past, participated in the explanation, and may plan to launch a new re-engraved game console. Sony and SEGA announced today that they … Read more

PlayStation VR 2 is now official; will offer 4K, more immersion and a new Horizon game

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp Since the PlayStation 4 generation, Sony is betting on virtual reality. The same thing was expected to happen on PlayStation 5 and now it’s made official on CES 2022. At Sony’s conference at CES 2022, … Read more