The Impact of Government’s ‘Little Help’ on Prepaid Fees: A Shot at the Feet of the Population

2023-08-30 02:20:00 Scenery This “little help” from the Government is a shot at the feet of the population. Everyone was and continues to give their opinion on the bonuses that the Government announced for retirees and plan beneficiaries and the fixed sum for private workers. In general, opinions have been adverse. The beneficiaries because they … Read more

Private Health Sector in Argentina Faces Critical Situation: A Report by Adecra+Cedim

2023-05-04 10:05:07 In the midst of a difficult economy, there are sensitive activities that are going through a critical situation. The sector of the health private It faces difficulties of all kinds, from financial to lack of personnel due to low income. The camera Adecra+Cedimwhich brings together more than 420 institutions including clinics, sanatoriums, private … Read more

“Private Medicine Fees Rise by 40.9% in First Half of Year: What You Need to Know”

2023-04-28 14:35:50 In the first half of the year, the rise in private medicine companies for the highest income sector will be 40.9%. While the bills arrive with the May increase in private medicine fees of between 3.43% or 4.76%, depending on the net income of the owners and co-owners of the prepaid medicine companies, … Read more

due to the lack of specialists, 3 out of 10 affiliates are already cared for in the public sector

The delays, of more than two months, to obtain a medical shift through social work or prepaid are no longer surprising. The prepaid crisis is naturalized and contains several more crises: one is that of medical specialties. But now the primer is more inaccessible and more “skinny.” and you have to be doubly patient to … Read more