The legend Bob Marley, Africa and the daughter of Omar Bongo

#Gabon : Africa is a totem with Bob Marley, who died 40 years ago: yet the prophet of reggae only played there twice, the first time invited to Gabon by a daughter of Omar Bongo, a of his girlfriends, says a recently released book. On the cover of his album “Survival” (1979), we see 48 … Read more

Libya: show of force by an armed militia in Tripoli

#Other countries : Armed men made a show of force on the night of Friday to Saturday in front of a hotel in Tripoli which serves as HQ for the Libyan Presidential Council, as deep divisions resurface in the country after a political upturn. Images posted on social media show dozens of armed men gathered … Read more

Video. Mali: the hell of power cuts in a heatwave

#Mali : The untimely power cuts poison the lives of Malians. In recent months, they have been accentuated in Bamako and in certain regions. Unfortunately, it is from February to October, a period of high consumption due to the heat, that they are most frequent. Khadim Fall is a tailor in Bamako whose machines run … Read more

Algeria: 300 personalities appeal against “criminalization” of Hirak

#Algeria : Nearly 300 personalities, activists and NGOs launched on Saturday a united appeal for an end to “the war declared against the Algerian people” by the regime, in a statement released by sites close to the Hirak protest movement. This declaration denounces “the security and judicial offensive” of the power which is “taking the … Read more

Algeria. Food shortage: a young man killed … for a bag of milk

#Algeria : The food shortages experienced by Algerians put their nerves on edge. This week a young man was killed because he wanted to get a bag of milk. Scenes of violence of this kind tend to multiply. Terrible news item which reveals the gravity of the situation in which Algeria finds itself. For a … Read more

Algeria: opponent Karim Tabbou released under judicial supervision

#Algeria : The opponent Karim Tabbou, figure of the pro-democracy movement in Algeria, was released Thursday under judicial supervision after 24-hour police custody following a complaint lodged by an official, according to an association supporting prisoners of conscience. Karim Tabbou, 47, was brought before the prosecutor of a court in Algiers who decided to place … Read more