Protests in Peru LIVE: latest news on the indefinite strike today, curfew, state of emergency, how many deaths there are and last minute | Lime | Arequipa | Protests in Ayacucho | LIVE | Dina Boluarte | Closing of the Congress | minute by minute | Society

Protests Peru 2022 Last minute | Las demonstrations in Peru for him early elections y closing of the Congress they do not cease in their ninth day. Until today, December 17the Ombudsman reported 19 deaths during clashes in apurimac, Arequipa, La Libertad, Junin y ayacucho between civilians and members of the National Police y Armed … Read more

Protests in Peru LIVE TODAY: latest news, deaths, road blockades and latest news on the strike in the regions and throughout Peru today December 12 | carrier strike today LIVE | Strike in Andahuaylas, Lima, Arequipa and regions after Pedro Castillo’s presidential vacancy | Dina Boluarte | Protests in Peru today | Society

Apurímac: Andahuaylas Hospital on red alert due to number of injured during protests Through Contacto Directo, health personnel from the Hospital de Andahuaylas expressed their concern about the number of injured who reached the main health center of the city. “It is chaos, there are many injured, there are deaths in the hospital, I have … Read more