Xiaokang Co., Ltd.: 7.13 billion yuan fixed increase has been approved and will continue to invest in technology upgrades – yqqlm

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Yuxin Electronics, which has been deeply involved in the field of general gasoline engines for many years, plans to land on the GEM to raise 358 million yuan_Oriental Fortune Net

On May 12, Chongqing Yuxin Pingrui Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as:Yuxin Electronics) initial public offering of shares and listing on the Growth Enterprise … Read more

Zhu Peijun, Chief Investment Officer of Taikang Asset Financial Products: It is expected that the market size of public REITs will exceed one trillion yuan. Beware of the risk of overheating of some REITs.

April 8, HuaxiaFund announcementSaid that the first public REITs project in 2022 – HuaxiaCCCCThe effective subscription scale of the public investors of REIT (code 508018) … Read more

Junxin Co., Ltd.: The company has the ability to continue to develop solid waste treatment projects such as waste incineration power generation and sludge disposal at home and abroad_ Oriental Fortune Network

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Wankai New Material: The state has formulated a series of industrial policies for the chemical new material industry, which has created a good environment for the development of the bottle-grade PET industry_ Oriental Fortune Network

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Huarong Chemical’s National Green Factory and Strategic Transformation Results Impress Sponsor Representatives_ Oriental Fortune Network

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Kakao Pay Bank, ‘Warning’ for the amount of institutions to cancel mandatory holding

There are concerns about a share price decline as institutional investors’ holdings of large public offerings such as Kakao Pay, Kakao Bank, and Krafton are … Read more