The funeral of the great writer Morsi Atallah will be held in the lobby of the Al-Ahram Foundation next Saturday

Written by Mahmoud Al-Omari Wednesday, February 15, 2023 09:12 PM Said Ambassador Khaled Morsi Atallah, the son of the late The great writer Marsa AtallahThe funeral of his father’s body will be held next Saturday at 11 a.m. The body will be from the lobby of the Al-Ahram Foundation building, and the funeral prayer will … Read more

Why do Egyptian pyramids always have a brown outer layer?

Egypt is famous for many pyramid thousands of years old with magnificent architecture. These huge structures hide many secrets about the ancient Egyptians.When visiting the pyramids of EgyptMany visitors cannot help but be overwhelmed by the huge size. They had many questions about this magnificent structure.Among these, many are curious about the original appearance of … Read more

An Aswan performance analyst talks about the advantages of Ahmed Belhadj and what he lacks to repeat the experience of “Ben Sharqi”

Muhammad Abu El-Ela, an analyst for the Aswan team, spoke about the Moroccan Ahmed Belhadj, the player of the Zahrat al-Janoub team, indicating that Belhaj is a good and young player with self-confidence and great capabilities, and his performance developed technically and tactically with Ayman Al-Ramadi, the coach of Aswan. Abu El-Ela said, during exclusive … Read more

Learn about Zamalek’s substitutes in front of Pyramids in the cup match

9 players from the Zamalek team were on the bench, against Pyramids, scheduled for this evening in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, which will be held at Cairo International Stadium. On the Zamalek bench are: Muhammad Sobhi, Mustafa Al-Zanari, Muhammad Abdel-Shafi, Saif Jaafar, Muhammad Ashraf “Rouqa”, Mustafa Shalaby, Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala”, Sayed Abdullah “Neymar” … Read more

The continued exclusion of Fattouh and Juma from the Zamalek list in front of Pyramids … and the return of Omar Jaber

The coaching staff of the first football team of Zamalek Club, led by Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, announced the white list that will play the Pyramids match in the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup, tomorrow, Monday, at Cairo International Stadium, and witnessed the continued absence of Ahmed Fattouh and Abdullah Jumaa from the ranks of the … Read more