“The Queen of the South 3”: when does it arrive on Netflix and how many chapters does it have? | Streaming platforms | Kate del Castillo | Teresa Mendoza | Cast | Telemundo | Trailer | DEPOR-PLAY

“Queen of the South 3” is a series that tells the story of Theresa Mendoza, a woman who by fate ends up involved in the world of drug trafficking. The production is based on the book by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The series is starred by Kate del Castillo (Mexican actress) and can be seen from Monday … Read more

La Reina del Sur 3 by international Telemundo LIVE today: when and where to watch season 3 chapter 2 of the queen of the south online for free on the internet, which channel is Telemundo on directv | www.telemundo.com | netflix | TV and novels

Telemundo has caused great fury with “Queen of the South 3”. The first episode of the television series showed an uncertain ending for Teresa Mendoza. As is known, the character played by Kate of the Castle He is confined in prison and, with the help of his allies, he will seek to escape and go … Read more

What time does “La Reina del Sur 3” premiere LIVE on Telemundo: schedule and channel to watch the third season of the queen of the south 2022 live with Kate del Catillo in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, United States and other countries | minute by minute | Cinema and series

“The queen of the south 3″Telemundo’s successful Mexican production, will bring back Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza after a three-year wait. On this occasion, the plot will move away from the world of drug trafficking and it will be more like a political thriller. The protagonist and her rival, Epifanio Vargas, will see each … Read more

The demanding exercise routine of Kate del Castillo, “The Queen of the South” | SHOWS

“Queen of the South 3” will premiere on October 18 and, as expected, fans of the telenovela and the leading actress, Kate of the Castle, are anxious to know what turns the plot that has always revolved around drug trafficking in Mexico will now take. Precisely for this continuation the artist had to prepare herself … Read more