Sri Lanka Involvement in Debt Restructuring, Benefits to China = US Treasury Secretary | Reuters

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Plans to install a fence on the border with Finland and Russia | Reuters

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Turkey and two Scandinavian countries have difficulty in negotiations over NATO accession Next negotiation time unknown = Related sources | Reuters

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5.03 million evacuation from Ukraine, mostly from Poland to EU = UN | Reuters

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A series of clashes over Jerusalem sanctuaries, Israeli Arab parties consider leaving coalition | Reuters

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Some Russian soldiers in Ukraine refuse orders due to demoralization = British intelligence | Reuters

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President Putin is not ready to compromise on the end of the war = U.S. official | Reuters

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Ukraine prepares for neutralization and eastern concessions = President Zelensky | Reuters

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Evacuation of 3.5 million people from Ukraine, acceptance of most of Poland = United Nations | Reuters

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A 96-year-old Ukrainian man who survives the Holocaust dies in a Russian attack | Reuters

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