What foods boost immunity to prevent colds?

With the advent of autumn and winter, the chances of catching colds and flu increase due to changing temperatures and fluctuating weather. In light of the Corona pandemic, we must work well to strengthen our immune system. Nutrition plays a major role in boosting the immune system and preventing diseases and viruses, and while some … Read more

In Italy, reinforced anti-Covid measures for the start of the school year

On Tuesday January 4, all the Italian trade union organizations and the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi will meet to discuss the modalities of returning to school after the Christmas holidays. Scheduled for January 10, the start of the school year could be delayed due to the worrying health situation. Hospitalizations on the rise Indeed, … Read more

The controversial video of King Philippe visiting Copenhagen, while the “corona” measures have been reinforced in Belgium… (video)

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 2:12 p.m. King Philip arrived in Denmark on Monday for a royal visit to Copenhagen. A video of his arrival is nevertheless controversial. As part of a royal visit, King Philip arrived in Copenhagen on Monday. If the “corona” measures were reinforced yesterday in Belgium during the last … Read more

the EU calls for strengthened partnerships with third countries

At the European Council, on Friday 22 October, the European Union’s migration policy was discussed, but only in its external dimension – the only one on which the Twenty-Seven manage, as best they can, to agree. It is when it comes to “European solidarity” and “distribution of efforts” between Member States that the talks inevitably … Read more

Hurricane Ida reinforced in category 4, Louisiana holds its breath

Sixteen years to the day after the devastation caused by Katrina, Hurricane Ida is heading this Sunday, August 29, towards Louisiana, in the Southeast of the United States. It strengthened in category 4, on a scale of 5, with winds blowing at 209 km / h. According to the American Hurricane Center (NHC), it is … Read more

Egbert Lachaert, President of the Open Vld: “The federal level must be strengthened, otherwise Belgium will collapse”

Egbert Lachaert believes that the federal level has today become in a way the toy of other levels of power. Lhe president of the Open Vld, Egbert Lachaert, wants to give more weight to the Concertation Committee. “If the Regions do not find an agreement on a file, the federal government must be able to … Read more