Controversy Surrounding BHNS Permit Granting by Willy Borsus Infuriates Municipal Officials

2023-07-21 17:00:00 We tell you earlier this week, Walloon Minister Willy Borsus decided to validate the High Level Service Bus (BHNS) permit, despite the appeal brought by the Municipality of Gerpinnes. Despite the conditions issued by the minister, this news infuriates the various elected municipal officials of each political color. “In terms of road safety, … Read more

Police Shooting Sparks Riots: Macron Condemns Killing of Teenager in Paris Suburb

2023-06-29 05:19:39 The riots are reminiscent of the extreme riots in 2005. At that time, two black boys were killed while fleeing the police. After a police officer fatally shot a 17-year-old, riots broke out in the Paris suburb of Nanterre for the second night in a row. For fear of violent protests, the police … Read more

Putin’s Chaos: The Ukrainian Offensive and the Split in the Russian Armed Forces

2023-06-25 14:42:26 Russian President Vladimir Putin Apart from Belarus, no other states wanted to get involved in the conflict. Putin had phoned various allied heads of state. (Photo: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS) Brussels, Riga, Berlin The split in the Russian armed forces increases the hopes of the Ukrainians for a successful offensive to retake their territory. “Today the … Read more

“Stone Thrown at Maxime Prévot’s Cabinet: Who’s Responsible?”

2023-05-11 10:29:29 Who blames Maxime Prévot or his collaborators? The question deserves to be asked following the mishap that happened during the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Indeed, a stone was thrown in the window of the cabinet of the deputy-mayor of Namur. of videos ********** ** ******* *** ********* ****** **** ******* ******* ***** … Read more